What Is Pilates

Pilates works to  balance the body’s strength, unravel compensation patterns, reduce the chances of overstrain and injury, and rehabilitate post  surgery. The key is to re-educate the neuromuscular pattering associated with correct body movement.

For example, a body builder primarily developes the extrenal muscles of the body. These are the muscles that react quickly to move large parts of your body around, i.e. the Biceps muscle of the upper arm. Where are all the other muscles? Ah, the ones that stabilize and protect your joints and work in balance to the external muscle groups. Most people at an early age lose the neuromuscular patterning that is crucial for these muscles to engage, thus resulting in in poor posture, over-strain, inflexibility, and fatigue. Yes, even those who are fitness gurus, runners, and tri-atheletes need this physical re-education. In fact, sometimes especially those people.

Pilates will you how to regain this internal power of the body and make you feel truly strong and stable.


knee replacement

Spinal issues

Elite atheletes

General fitness

Hip replacement


Pre and post natal




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